KyberVision Unveils Psykinematix 1.3

Psykinematix 1.3: The most advanced software package for visual psychophysics!

MONTREAL, Canada —May 3, 2011—KyberVision today unveiled version 1.3 of its Psykinematix software, a Mac OSX OpenGL-based software dedicated to visual psychophysics. This release contains many bug fixes, improvements, new features, and an updated documentation. This new version is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 ("Tiger"), 10.5 ("Leopard") and 10.6 ("Snow Leopard"), and runs on older PowerPC-based and newer Intel-based Macintosh computers.

What's New with Version 1.3?
  • Support for "Frame Sequential Stereoscopic" presentation (i.e.based on stereo pairs presented sequentially at a high frame rate, typically 120 Hz, using for example a 3D graphics card such as the NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800 in combination with shutter glasses like the REALD StereoGraphics CrystalEyes)
  • Support for fORP device in keyboard mode as input device and scanner trigger,
  • Support for Spyder 3 colorimeter from DataColor
  • Sampled-Shape Stimuli (SSS) as Multi-Element category (eg to create Gabor-sampled patterns, path stimulus, etc)
  • Support for Shape Stimuli in RDK, MEF and SSS Multi-Element stimuli
  • Conversion of Multimedia images: grey conversion, RMS normalization, and contrast scaling
  • Custom modulation type in Custom Stimuli to specify the stimuli directly in the selected color spaces (through tri-stimulus zr, zg, zb output variables)
  • Support for xyY, Yu'v', L*u*v* color spaces
  • Addition of randseries(a,b,c,d) stochastic function (binary stochastic time series with random on and off periods)
  • Capture of frame sequence during stimulus display loop by holding the ESC key
  • Customizable preview size
  • Option to detach drawer-based windows
  • Glass Patterns distribution in MEF Multi-Elements stimuli
  • Shuffle Sync/Async lifetime options in MEF Multi-Elements stimuli

To learn more about Psykinematix 1.3 and its system requirements, please visit:

Pricing & Availability

Psykinematix 1.3 is available on a Try-Before-You-Buy basis: a free, fully functional trial copy can be downloaded at and evaluated for 15 days before it switches to a Demo mode. Despite its limitations, this Demo version can still be used as a FREE educational tool in classroom. Psykinematix can be purchased immediately through our Paypal online store. Psykinematix price starts at $300 (CAD) for a student license. We also offer several other licensing schemes, that come with their own support package. Additional support packages are available as separate purchase.

For more details about pricing, please visit our online store:

Press Contact:
William Beaudot, PhD
Founder & Chief Scientist at KyberVision

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