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Founded in late 2003 in Montreal (Quebec, Canada), KyberVision operates in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) with a focus in Vision Sciences. Our mission is to offer superior products and services while meeting the needs of our quality conscious clientele. Our personalized approach and our great flexibility allow us to establish with our clients a business relationship based on confidence and cooperation. The diversified range of skills and expertises of KyberVision's founder and president is a keystone for providing these services. In 2015, the company relocated to Sendai (Miyagi, Japan) and was renamed KyberVision Japan LLC.

Our activities are divided into three axes:
  • Vision Sciences (including Visionics): Consulting Services, Research & Development Services;
  • High Performance Computing: Consulting Services, Software Development Services;
  • InformationTechnology: Consulting & Onsite Technical Services, Internet & Network Operation Services.
Here is a list of some of our academic clients in Montreal (Canada):
  • McGill University (Montreal, Quebec)
  • University of Montreal (Montreal, Quebec)
  • Montreal Neurological Institute (Montreal, Quebec)
  • Royal Victoria Hospital (Montreal, Quebec)
  • Sainte-Justine Hospital (Montreal, Quebec)
  • 'Lucie-Bruneau' Readaptation Centre (Montreal, Quebec)