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Fast Acuity v1.2

Fastest and most reliable Visual Acuity Test for iPhone & iPod touch!

"FastAcuity" is an interactive logMAR chart to measure visual acuity in a precise and efficient way, and could not be easier to use:

1) set precisely the viewing distance of the patient using the bottom slider,

2) adjust the vertical slider on the right to select a range of letter sizes that can be easily seen by the patient,

3) press the + and - buttons to fine tune the letters size by small steps,

4) touch the smallest line for which the patient can detect the orientation of every single letter.

Et voila! The visual acuity is reported with some useful comments. Note that this interactive chart is already included in our full featured iPhone app "Visual Acuity".



Version 1.2 (August 23, 2009):
- Improvement of "White on Black" background mode,
- French localization ("Acuité Presto").

Version 1.1 (July 16, 2009):
- Addition of Sloan, HOVT and Lea charts for measuring visual acuity in literate people and preschool children,
- Support for landscape mode,
- Tap above the chart (acuity line) to randomize the letters,
- Addition of metric/non-metric units for viewing distance,
- Addition of each chart description in the Help section.

Version 1.0 (July 3, 2009):
- First released version on AppStore.